Monday, June 21, 2010

37 weeks!

So first picture is the nursery, I think we are FINALLY done with it!!! At least until baby arrives and we realize nothing works! Second picture is me at 37 weeks which is technically full term!!!! Baby could arrive ANY day now!!! Had a checkup Thursday and everything is great!!!! Can't wait for baby Maxwell to arrive!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

35 weeks! 32 days till my due date!

Here is our evil pit bull, doesn't she look like a really killer dog??

K so I have to be really honest, I looked at this picture and said WTF! I am HUGE! OMG! Seriously I see myself everyday but this is crazy!

Check out the BEAUTIFUL flowers my hubby got me for our two year anniversary! Yeah, he's great!!! This is also an amazing thing because this is the first time ever he's bought me flowers, and had them sent to me at work!
So exciting news in our friends lives! We have two new babies!!! Jen and Travis had little Eli, who is SOO adorable and looks just like his Daddy ( my opinion here!) then Amanda and Scott added little Lacy to their family, she is precious! There little boy Jayden just turned 3, amazing how time flies!!! We are so happy for our friends and can't wait to join them and for all of our babies to grow up together to be the best of friends.
We had a checkup last week and I had gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks, yes I said 2 weeks. NUTS! The good news is the Dr was able to tell that the baby was head down so that is not a concern. The Dr figures baby will be 7 or 8 lbs if I go full term. That is doable I think. Still nervous but I try not the think about it to much. Babies heartbeat was 140. I am measuring right where I am supposed to be. My next appt will be the day before I am 37 weeks! How crazy time is flying by!!!
We also did a maternity shoot with Brittany. She has some pictures up if you want to check them out go to and go to the maternity shots. They are cute! Can't wait to see the rest.
I am trying to get as prepared as possible, trying to get the hospital bag packed, paperwork filled out, house organized, a plan for the dogs and the house and everything. Eric put the car seat in my car tonight so we just need to get that inspected. I have become the QUEEN of lists! I have lists for everything, my list of things to do, Eric's list of things to do, people to contact on the way to the hospital, stuff to pack, stuff to clean..........I'm driving Eric crazy! He hates lists and of course doesn't want to see them or use them! Me, I get a high from crossing things off my lists!!!!
I have been feeling super great until like last Thursday and then all of the sudden everything went down hill and I am starting to get really uncomfortable. I know its probably not going to get better but hopefully it backs off a little!
I apologize for slacking really badly in keeping my blog updated! I will try to do better, I'm sure the more uncomfortable I get the more time I will spend online! Can't wait to find out WHAT this little monster is (besides a baby!) LOL!