Monday, June 21, 2010

37 weeks!

So first picture is the nursery, I think we are FINALLY done with it!!! At least until baby arrives and we realize nothing works! Second picture is me at 37 weeks which is technically full term!!!! Baby could arrive ANY day now!!! Had a checkup Thursday and everything is great!!!! Can't wait for baby Maxwell to arrive!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

35 weeks! 32 days till my due date!

Here is our evil pit bull, doesn't she look like a really killer dog??

K so I have to be really honest, I looked at this picture and said WTF! I am HUGE! OMG! Seriously I see myself everyday but this is crazy!

Check out the BEAUTIFUL flowers my hubby got me for our two year anniversary! Yeah, he's great!!! This is also an amazing thing because this is the first time ever he's bought me flowers, and had them sent to me at work!
So exciting news in our friends lives! We have two new babies!!! Jen and Travis had little Eli, who is SOO adorable and looks just like his Daddy ( my opinion here!) then Amanda and Scott added little Lacy to their family, she is precious! There little boy Jayden just turned 3, amazing how time flies!!! We are so happy for our friends and can't wait to join them and for all of our babies to grow up together to be the best of friends.
We had a checkup last week and I had gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks, yes I said 2 weeks. NUTS! The good news is the Dr was able to tell that the baby was head down so that is not a concern. The Dr figures baby will be 7 or 8 lbs if I go full term. That is doable I think. Still nervous but I try not the think about it to much. Babies heartbeat was 140. I am measuring right where I am supposed to be. My next appt will be the day before I am 37 weeks! How crazy time is flying by!!!
We also did a maternity shoot with Brittany. She has some pictures up if you want to check them out go to and go to the maternity shots. They are cute! Can't wait to see the rest.
I am trying to get as prepared as possible, trying to get the hospital bag packed, paperwork filled out, house organized, a plan for the dogs and the house and everything. Eric put the car seat in my car tonight so we just need to get that inspected. I have become the QUEEN of lists! I have lists for everything, my list of things to do, Eric's list of things to do, people to contact on the way to the hospital, stuff to pack, stuff to clean..........I'm driving Eric crazy! He hates lists and of course doesn't want to see them or use them! Me, I get a high from crossing things off my lists!!!!
I have been feeling super great until like last Thursday and then all of the sudden everything went down hill and I am starting to get really uncomfortable. I know its probably not going to get better but hopefully it backs off a little!
I apologize for slacking really badly in keeping my blog updated! I will try to do better, I'm sure the more uncomfortable I get the more time I will spend online! Can't wait to find out WHAT this little monster is (besides a baby!) LOL!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8 months down, 8 weeks to go!

So the nursery finally starting to look like one!! YAY!

My big fat belly at 32 weeks!! Craziness!!! It's getting so close, getting really excited! Eric's keeps asking if the baby can just come out now cause he's sick of waiting, and he's not even the one with the extra 40 pounds! LOL!
I start going to the Dr. every 2 weeks now. Had an appointment on Monday and everything was good, babies heartbeat was in the 140's and I'm measuring right on this time!!
My baby shower was the 8th and it was SOO amazing, we got so much beautiful stuff from so many great people! I know you are never ready for an infant but I think we are about as ready as we can get, because of so much love and generosity! Our baby is going to be spoiled rotten! Now if we could just decide on names for the little monster!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

7 1/2 months!

So here I am at 30 weeks and a few days! Yup.....belly.....

The beautiful bassinet from Grammy Paula!!!! LOVE IT! Can't wait to use it!!! It plays songs and "rocks" back and forth! So cool! Storage basket underneath! Awesome!

And of course Eric had to try it out on someone............Bella didn't seem to mind!!!!

So we had another Dr's appt on Thursday, so weird that I actually like going to the Dr now!!! LOL, but everything is great, my belly is measuring 31 weeks (I'll be 30 tomorrow) babies heartbeat is in the 130's and I gained 4 1/2 lbs. I start going to the Dr every 2 weeks now!! Getting closer and closer!!!! YAY!!!!

Also scheduled an appointment to meet with the lactation consultant, thinking that will be interesting and quite the learning experience. Eric will be joining me so I will definitely have extra support after baby is here! The more he knows the better!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7 months down, 3 to go!

So the first picture I had to post just because it is SOO adorable! This is our new puppy Bella (who obviously thinks she is a little human), snuggled up with Eric at 6 am one morning when I got up to go pee! SO FUNNY!

The second picture is me at a little over 28 1/2 weeks pregnant! Time is flying by!!!

From today there is actually 79 days until my due date! Which, really means nothing I could go early I could go late but its something for me to keep track of! That is not very long at all!!! I'm feeling really unprepared right now, but my shower is just weeks away and I know I will feel better after that. I'm VERY excited to see everyone that hasn't seen me pregnant, or has seen me but not THIS pregnant!! One of my really good friends had her shower on Sunday and it was SOOO much fun to watch her open presents and to see all the cute things she got!

I'm starting to notice uncomfortable spots and positions with my body. I've also noticed the last few days I seem to be much more tired at the end of the day, but Baby Maxwell has been EXTREMELY active for the last 2 days, to the point where people are watching my belly jiggle around because he or she won't stop moving!

Everyone (especially Eric) seems to be getting more and more protective of me and watching me like hawks to make sure I'm not doing anything I shouldn't!
That's all for now, more after my next Doctor's appointment next week!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

26 weeks!

So here is the most recent picture! I was a little more than 26 weeks! Finally got my computer to work!! YAY!!! Baby has been VERY active lately!!!! As of today we have 83 days until my due date (which really means nothing!) but its something to count down too!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Bella!!

Had my 6 month checkup today, I have gained 6 1/2 lbs since my last appointment and am measuring 25 weeks (I will be 25 weeks tomorrow) so we are right on track!!

Check out the latest addition to the Maxwell House and the babies doggie!!! So as you can tell, life in the Maxwell house is rough for a dog!! We said we weren't going to let her on the furniture.........*ahem*..........that lasted less than 5 minutes! She is definetly a snuggle dog! Bubba is not sure what to make of her yet, but she is learning that he's the boss!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 Months!

So I have totally been slacking on my blog but here are some updated pictures to start with:

So here I am on my 25th birthday and 6 months and 3 days pregnant!!! Yeah that's right I am a quarter of a century old!! Crazy!! At my age for my Mom and Eric's we were both 2, and Eric's mom had Evan on the way!

This is my birthday present from my hubby!! A rocker for the nursery!!! Such a good guy!

My everchanging belly button! (Just for you Sami!!)

So this picture is actually at 23 weeks or something like that and I'm pretty sure I look bigger here than in the other one!!! Oh well!
So we made it thru our birthing classes, they were actually a lot of fun, and a very much needed confidence boost for me. I also started prenatal yoga with my friend Jen last week. Eric's cousin Emmi teaches the classes (who just had a baby like 2 1/2 weeks ag) and she is amazing! I was worried about the yoga being too much (even being prenatal) but it was awesome and I hope to use some of the skills I'm learning in actual labor! I'm realizing how "out of tune" I am with my body!

That's all for the moment, baby is hungry! Time to eat!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

21 1/2 weeks!

So this is my 21 1/2 week picture, gained a total of 26 lbs so far! Not really sure where it all went???

So this is my belly button, which may seem strange to post on here, but it is doing very interesting things lately in terms of shapes and such......its almost as exciting as watching my belly grow to see what my belly button did today!! :-)

I went shopping with one of my amazing friends on Friday, who is also having a baby (a month before me) neither of our babies were very cooperative for the ultrasound so we decided that we would each buy one boy outfit and one girl outfit to (at the very least) bring the baby home from the hospital in. So the one above is (obviously) the little girl one and the one below is (again obviously) the little boy one. I have to be honest here I thought I had come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to know what the baby is (and am even excited about not knowing, it will be extra incentive to "push" the baby out!) but shopping was SOOO disappointing they had so many good deals and NOTHING neutral, it made me sad :-(

These were gifts for Eric, because he is going to be a great Dad and I wanted to get him something special, can't wait to get REAL pictures in these for Daddy!!! :-)

So enough with the pictures. Not really sure where to start, lots to talk about!!! I had my checkup on Thursday with MY Dr., this was not one of my rotating visits. The very nice nurse weighed me, and I had to look at the scale twice. We then proceeded into her cubicle and I said I think I gained 11 lbs since my last appointment, the nurse looks at me and says, "No, no way." I proceed to tell her yes I am pretty sure I did, and YES the truth is I gained 11 lbs in ONE month!! ONE MONTH!!! Most of you are saying, yeah so your pregnant you are supposed to gain weight, well yes that is true, HOWEVER, I have gained 26 lbs total, and I am just over halfway there, most women only gain that much through their WHOLE pregnancy. The good news you ask?? The Doctor is not at all concerned says I am perfectly healthy, my BP and everything is good, I'm just hungry!! ;-)
I also want to tell everyone how LUCKY I am. I have some of the greatest friends ever (if I do say so myself) and the majority of my friends have recently had babies or are having babies "with" me. So it is an amazing thing to have something weird happen (baby moving funny, food craving, hormones, belly buttons, boobs) and be able to pick up the phone and say OMG you too???? It's very comforting and I think is making our friendships even stronger!!! Our babies are going to be the best of friends (whether they like it or not) and will always have someone the age to play with. Which also means that their Mommies & Daddies will always have something to play with too!!!
On Saturday we have class 1 (of 2) for our birthing classes. Class is from 9-2 this Saturday and next and we are VERY, VERY luckily getting to take class with two of our BESTEST friends Travis and Jen. For those of you that know Travis and Jen know that we are going to have BLAST!! Its going to be so much fun and going to be really cool to be able to discuss with people we are close with what is going on in class and how we feel about certain things. Jen & I am very excited and are hoping the boys are too!

Friday, February 19, 2010

20 Weeks! Halfway there!!

So yeah I'm growing like crazy! Which means the baby is too!!! That's a very good thing!!!

We had our ultrasound on Monday (pictures coming soon after I do some cropping) and the baby is healthy and growing very well, all the parts and pieces are where they are supposed to be.

We definetly have a Donovan/Cargill/Daniels/Maxwell baby on our hands though he or she was giving the doctor a very hard time about seeing certain things. He or she also would not show us WHAT it actually was, so we are gender unknown until this little baby comes into the world!!! Which I am really ok with, until I realized this means we have to pick out a boy name AND a girl name for when the baby is born. I was hoping to know it was a boy or a girl and have a tentative backup just in case. Oh well! So the name game is on if anyone has any suggestions!

We did some more work to the nursery the other day, changed the outlets, put up CO detector and hung some stuff on the wall. After my appointment on Monday I went online and created my registry for my shower which makes me feel much better. Don't ask me why but it does.

Also a little funny story for everyone, the baby has been kicking like crazy, especially at night when I get home from work and am relaxing, BUT the minute Eric tries to feel it the baby IMMEDIATELY stops. Well I was standing in the kitchen the other day and Eric wanted to "listen" to the baby, so he had his ear on my lower belly and the baby apparently took offense to that and kicked Daddy right in the head, is this a sign????

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week 18!!!

This week was a VERY exciting week for me!! The baby started kicking so I could feel it on Sunday. It is such an awesome feeling!!! It feels exactly like you would expect to feel and very different at the same time. Of course our little one has only let Daddy feel it once!! The minute he comes over the baby stops kicking, but he did get to feel it once and it was VERY cool, for both of us! The baby is lots more active when I'm resting or after I've just eaten (must be he or she likes the little burst of energy food gives him or her!).

This week I also for some unexplainable reason started calling the baby "he", I have no idea why, before that it was she, and I can't bring myself to call it "it". Its a baby and it is male or female, even if we don't know which! BUT to my bring up my next point our ultrasound is in 9 days!! So Baby Maxwell had better cooperate so we can know what "it" is!! ;-) Although if we can't find out we will survive, it will just be harder to register for things, and after the ultrasound that is going to be my next project is setting up a complete baby registry, I have already started one at Babies R' Us, just with the very basics that do not require gender knowledge. I don't know if anyone has noticed latelty but you CANNOT shop for gender neutral things, there is green and yellow and I HATE green and yellow, or at least baby green and yellow! Reminds me of puke....or something!

I found some very adorable bedroom sets for baby at Walmart if its is a girl, we like this one, if it is a boy we like this one, and if we can't find out we start back at square one.

Here is belly picture week 17 1/2.......growing like crazy!!! Not even half way there yet!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 months! Already!

So here is the jogging stroller we got today that my Mom and Uncle Jim bought! Absolutely love it! Can't wait to use it, even though my hubby says they are "boy" colors (which I don't agree with!!!). He thinks the blue is boy, its not blue, its definetly more teal which I'm not sure you can tell in the picture! It is a very cool stroller, which is going to get lots of use between me, my mother in law and everyone else!

Here is babies crib (minus mattress) that Eric and our friend Scott put together today! I love it, its adorable!!!! If nothing else at least the baby will have diapers and a place to sleep! ;-)

And here is my 16 week photo shoot! LOL! Yes I am four months pregnant, not sure where the time went!!! We had a check up on Friday and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again, that is so cool!!!!! We also got to schedule the ultrasound, we will have that on February 15th!! Cross your fingers everyone that the Dr. will be able to tell us WHAT our little bundle of joy is!!!! If not, oh well, plan for some insanity on my part! Shopping for gender neutral clothes is not easy!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belly Pic!!!

So everyone has been saying they wanted to see belly pictures so here you go!! This is at 13 1/2 weeks and I'm pretty sure it is growing every day!!!! Weighed myself and it looks like I've gained 3 or 4 more pounds which is going to make the Dr. very happy!!!!
Other than that nothing new going on with the pregnancy no exciting news! I did get my crib yesterday!! Can't wait for hubby to put that together!!!!
More soon!!!