Friday, August 26, 2011

Race & Hurricane Irene

Hubby is racing his ATV tomorrow a few hours from home. Fun to watch, even if he is in and out of the woods and weaving in and out of trees, much less stressful on me than when he was racing MotoX. Also its such a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere. Definitely something I am looking forward to. Especially since 2 of our best friends are going with us. It also helps that he kicks butt! What?Its true and I'm just sayin' and not only cause I'm his wife, cause he's good!

Everyone is freaking out about Hurricane Irene, in my weird and sick twisted way I'm kind of excited, not for damage or for anyone to get hurt or anything like that. I love watching storms, they are so powerful and something that I personally have no control over.  I love having the excuse to cuddle my family up inside, and just spend time together. Even if having no power sucks. We do have a generator but as long as we have food, I'm happy!

Also, check out my little munchkin cuteness:

This was like a month ago, but how friggin adorable is she?

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