Monday, September 5, 2011

Yard Sale Finds!!

Yard Sales are my new hobby. I am in search of good deals on baby clothes, toys and even clothes for me! I know some people have phobeas of second hand things but me? No! Why would you? You can save so much money by going to yard sales. Today alone I probably saved us well over $100 on baby clothes.

Here is what I got:

2 pairs of shoes
9 outfits (1 piece and 2 piece)
5 shirts
2 pairs of pants
4 skirts
2 dresses

So in the store:

2 pairs of shoes = $20
9 Outfits = $45 EASY (thats at $5 a piece)
5 shirts = $25
2 pairs of pants= $10
4 skirts= $25
2 dresses= $20

So thats (hang on I have to add it :-D).... $145. If you buy it all on sale. I spent, wait for it, wait for it, $15. HOW RIDICULOUS! Its all just like brand new, probably worn a handful of times. So yeah I love my yard sales!

I also picked up a few 3 shirts and 3 sweaters for myself for $2.50 more!


What's your favorite new hobby?

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