Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week 18!!!

This week was a VERY exciting week for me!! The baby started kicking so I could feel it on Sunday. It is such an awesome feeling!!! It feels exactly like you would expect to feel and very different at the same time. Of course our little one has only let Daddy feel it once!! The minute he comes over the baby stops kicking, but he did get to feel it once and it was VERY cool, for both of us! The baby is lots more active when I'm resting or after I've just eaten (must be he or she likes the little burst of energy food gives him or her!).

This week I also for some unexplainable reason started calling the baby "he", I have no idea why, before that it was she, and I can't bring myself to call it "it". Its a baby and it is male or female, even if we don't know which! BUT to my bring up my next point our ultrasound is in 9 days!! So Baby Maxwell had better cooperate so we can know what "it" is!! ;-) Although if we can't find out we will survive, it will just be harder to register for things, and after the ultrasound that is going to be my next project is setting up a complete baby registry, I have already started one at Babies R' Us, just with the very basics that do not require gender knowledge. I don't know if anyone has noticed latelty but you CANNOT shop for gender neutral things, there is green and yellow and I HATE green and yellow, or at least baby green and yellow! Reminds me of puke....or something!

I found some very adorable bedroom sets for baby at Walmart if its is a girl, we like this one, if it is a boy we like this one, and if we can't find out we start back at square one.

Here is belly picture week 17 1/2.......growing like crazy!!! Not even half way there yet!!!

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