Tuesday, March 2, 2010

21 1/2 weeks!

So this is my 21 1/2 week picture, gained a total of 26 lbs so far! Not really sure where it all went???

So this is my belly button, which may seem strange to post on here, but it is doing very interesting things lately in terms of shapes and such......its almost as exciting as watching my belly grow to see what my belly button did today!! :-)

I went shopping with one of my amazing friends on Friday, who is also having a baby (a month before me) neither of our babies were very cooperative for the ultrasound so we decided that we would each buy one boy outfit and one girl outfit to (at the very least) bring the baby home from the hospital in. So the one above is (obviously) the little girl one and the one below is (again obviously) the little boy one. I have to be honest here I thought I had come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to know what the baby is (and am even excited about not knowing, it will be extra incentive to "push" the baby out!) but shopping was SOOO disappointing they had so many good deals and NOTHING neutral, it made me sad :-(

These were gifts for Eric, because he is going to be a great Dad and I wanted to get him something special, can't wait to get REAL pictures in these for Daddy!!! :-)

So enough with the pictures. Not really sure where to start, lots to talk about!!! I had my checkup on Thursday with MY Dr., this was not one of my rotating visits. The very nice nurse weighed me, and I had to look at the scale twice. We then proceeded into her cubicle and I said I think I gained 11 lbs since my last appointment, the nurse looks at me and says, "No, no way." I proceed to tell her yes I am pretty sure I did, and YES the truth is I gained 11 lbs in ONE month!! ONE MONTH!!! Most of you are saying, yeah so your pregnant you are supposed to gain weight, well yes that is true, HOWEVER, I have gained 26 lbs total, and I am just over halfway there, most women only gain that much through their WHOLE pregnancy. The good news you ask?? The Doctor is not at all concerned says I am perfectly healthy, my BP and everything is good, I'm just hungry!! ;-)
I also want to tell everyone how LUCKY I am. I have some of the greatest friends ever (if I do say so myself) and the majority of my friends have recently had babies or are having babies "with" me. So it is an amazing thing to have something weird happen (baby moving funny, food craving, hormones, belly buttons, boobs) and be able to pick up the phone and say OMG you too???? It's very comforting and I think is making our friendships even stronger!!! Our babies are going to be the best of friends (whether they like it or not) and will always have someone the age to play with. Which also means that their Mommies & Daddies will always have something to play with too!!!
On Saturday we have class 1 (of 2) for our birthing classes. Class is from 9-2 this Saturday and next and we are VERY, VERY luckily getting to take class with two of our BESTEST friends Travis and Jen. For those of you that know Travis and Jen know that we are going to have BLAST!! Its going to be so much fun and going to be really cool to be able to discuss with people we are close with what is going on in class and how we feel about certain things. Jen & I am very excited and are hoping the boys are too!

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