Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7 months down, 3 to go!

So the first picture I had to post just because it is SOO adorable! This is our new puppy Bella (who obviously thinks she is a little human), snuggled up with Eric at 6 am one morning when I got up to go pee! SO FUNNY!

The second picture is me at a little over 28 1/2 weeks pregnant! Time is flying by!!!

From today there is actually 79 days until my due date! Which, really means nothing I could go early I could go late but its something for me to keep track of! That is not very long at all!!! I'm feeling really unprepared right now, but my shower is just weeks away and I know I will feel better after that. I'm VERY excited to see everyone that hasn't seen me pregnant, or has seen me but not THIS pregnant!! One of my really good friends had her shower on Sunday and it was SOOO much fun to watch her open presents and to see all the cute things she got!

I'm starting to notice uncomfortable spots and positions with my body. I've also noticed the last few days I seem to be much more tired at the end of the day, but Baby Maxwell has been EXTREMELY active for the last 2 days, to the point where people are watching my belly jiggle around because he or she won't stop moving!

Everyone (especially Eric) seems to be getting more and more protective of me and watching me like hawks to make sure I'm not doing anything I shouldn't!
That's all for now, more after my next Doctor's appointment next week!!!

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Samantha said...

Protective of you, huh? Well SOMEONE has to make sure you lay off the crack habit... you know, for the baby. ;-)

I LOVE YOU! Love the pics! Bella is too cute! :-D