Friday, November 4, 2011

My Daughter's Guardian Angel

Throughout my whole entire pregnancy, I was convinced I was having a boy. Absolutely sure of it, one of my best friends and I were both pregnant together, due within a month of each other. I was certain we were both having little boys, we were carrying the same, all belly for both of us. So when her baby boy was born May 31st, I was 100% certain I was also having a little boy.

My husband was sure baby was going to be born on July 2nd (my due date was July 9th). Me? I was positive it was going to be a July 4th baby, what better present every year? You get the day off, fireworks, parades, bbq's. It would be the best. So when I went into labor on July 3rd, I thought our baby is already teaching us to compromise.

15 hours of labor later, we had a happy healthy? No one told us, no one said one word regarding the gender of our baby (we had never been able to see on the ultrasound with any certainty. The baby was 60% boy the Dr told us). I didn't not think about this one little bit, I was just happy it was over. Until my husband asked wait, what is it? Then it dawned on me I had heard the nurse say, look at HER hair, and the Dr say SHE'S perfect. I realized then that it was a girl. I was completely shocked and VERY happy. I didn't care either way as long as our baby was healthy, and she was! Oh was she, 7 lbs 11oz of healthy. I was 108 lbs when I got pregnant if that tells you what I was feeling after almost 8 lbs of baby.

Anyway, moral to my story? My daughter was born July 3rd, 2011, 31 years to the DAY that my mother's twin sister drowned at 17 years old. I didn't know this until weeks after my daughter was born. My Dad told me that my Mom had said to him when I found out I was pregnant, she KNEW I was having a girl and she KNEW she was going to be born on July 3rd. Goosebumps anyone? I have no doubt in my mind that my Aunt Mary that I never got to meet is keeping a wonderful eye on my little sweetheart, just like she did me when I was growing up.

Thank you Aunt Mary for keeping us both safe and happy. I think of you often and wonder what might have been if I had 2 "Mommy's" growing up.


Sarah B. said...

this post gave me crazy goosebumps! and even brought a small tear to my eye. great post!

Jessica said...

Thanks, pretty crazy huh? What I forgot to mention is we found out the day before my Mom's birthday that we were pregnant..... freaky!